The 3 Most Common Car Repairs to Expect After a Collision

A fender bender after a car accident. damage for insuranceYou've just been in a car crash, and everything about it is a major headache, including the literal headaches you might get as a result of whiplash. You have to work through insurance companies, find a car repair company and figure out a way to get to and from work, day care and the laundromat while your car is in the shop.

Luckily, you don't have to sort through prices, terminology and repairs on your own. To help you get as much information as possible about your car repairs, we've compiled a list of the most common car repairs car owners experience after a collision. We'll explain the reasons why these types of damage are likeliest to occur, how challenging each problem is to fix and what other factors affect how long it takes to return your car to like-new condition.

1. Bumpers and Fenders

Unless you get sideswiped at an intersection, there's no way to get in an accident that doesn't affect your bumpers. Your fenders, on the other hand, are especially at risk in side-end collisions.

You might think that bumper repairs are simple, but if your insurance company has ever declared your car a total loss after a minor fender-bender, you know that they can actually be quite expensive and too timeconsuming to warrant the cost.

Depending on how fast you were travelling and how hard your cars collided, your bumper or fender may only be cracked. In this case, your repair technician will probably reinforce the crack with mesh and then paint over it so the crack isn't as noticeable. If the break is too severe, though, your technician will have to order and install an entirely new bumper and/or fender.

2. Headlights and/or Taillights

It's common for headlights to shatter in collisions. Replacing bulbs and repairing smashed headlights isn't too difficult, unless the entire front or back end of your car has crumpled.

If headlights and taillights are secondary damage compared to your hood and bumper, you may lose the car. Otherwise, if the damage was minimal, your repair technician can probably repair the headlights without too much time, trouble or cost.

3. Bonnet/Hood

Along with your airbags, you usually have your bonnet or hood to thank for saving your life in a car crash.  The front end of your car is specifically designed to absorb the force of impact so that it gets smashed and crumpled instead of you.

In most cases, especially in high-speed crashes, your car's hood will need to be entirely replaced. The cost could vary depending on your car's make and model, but a total replacement shouldn't take too long to complete.

Other Factors at Play in Car Repair Time and Costs

Along with the type of part that needs repair, bear in mind that issues like your car's make and model, the damage's extent, your car's paint colour and your insurance company can all affect how quickly your car is repaired.

Your car's age can also factor into repairs. Depending on how many years you've driven the car, some of the parts might be too difficult to track down. Plus, they could cost too much to find and order to warrant the time and effort required to install them.

If you have any questions about how long your job is taking or why your quote was the way it was, don't hesitate to ask your car repair company! They can help you understand your insurance company's decision and tell you how long you'll have to wait to get your car back.

One other crucial factor in your car's repair time and cost is the company you choose for repairs. At Bellarine Smash Repairs, we work closely with our customers to get them back on the road. Feel free to  request a quote online or to send us an email