5 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Spray Paint Your Car

A fender bender after a car accident. damage for insurance

Are you thinking of giving your car a fresh coat of paint? Maybe you want to cover chips, smooth out dents caused by an accident or just get a new look? Whatever the reason, going the DIY route isn't a smart idea.

Car spray painting is a complex job that can easily go wrong and reduce the value of your car. You might struggle to find the right colour match, fail to cover all of the small components of your vehicle or find that you need a respray soon after. You'll also risk health issues while exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Not convinced that you need to hire a professional? Keep reading for five top reasons to leave car spray painting to the experts.

1. You'll Get a Perfect Colour Match 

Getting a perfect colour match is way more complex than picking out the spray can that looks closest to your car's colour. Picking the wrong shade could dramatically alter the appearance of your vehicle and reduce the market value. When you hire a professional spray painter, they'll go through a complex process using advanced technology, identifying small variations in manufacturer paint shades and taking weathering and damage into account. No matter how old or rare your car is, they'll be able to find the perfect match.

2. You'll Add Value to the Car 

A car which is covered in chips or has half the paint missing won't sell for much, regardless of how well it runs. Paying for a professional respray gives your vehicle a new lease of life, making it look newer and in better condition. If you're thinking about selling, it's worth getting your car looking good first, or you might be forced to settle for a much lower price than you want.

3. You Won't Risk a Bad Job 

Think you can handle spraying your car yourself? It's all too easy for the job to go wrong, and you could be left with a car that looks worse than it did to begin with. The job typically takes several days, and you'll need to purchase expensive equipment, sand down the outer panels, prime, mask the areas you don't want to paint and then work systematically to avoid missing a single detail. It's complex, fiddly work that isn't for amateurs.

4. You Won't Need a Respray Soon After 

Assuming you manage to respray your car yourself, how long do you think the job will last? Many of the paints aimed at DIY sprayers won't last long out in the elements, and you might find that you need a respray only a few months later. Issues like incorrect sanding and priming can also contribute to weathering. Hiring a professional gives you a durable, long-term finish that will last for years to come, saving you money and hassle.

5. You Won't Risk Breathing in Dangerous Fumes

The paints, seals and lacquers used to paint your car can be dangerous when breathed in, especially if you're not using the correct safety equipment. Ingredients in car spray paint have been linked to asthma and dermatitis. While professionals follow strict safety regulations to ensure that they're safe, you might struggle to do the same while painting at home. Instead of risking your health for a substandard paint job, go to an expert and get your car looking great without any risk to your well-being.

Thinking about spray painting your car yourself? The DIY method comes with loads of downsides, including poor quality, loss of car value and risks to your health.

Make the smart choice and hire a professional to spray your car instead. Contact us to arrange your auto painting today.