Having Your Car Painted? 5 Reasons to Consider Paint Protection Too


You may bring your car in for professional automotive spray painting for a number of reasons, from repairing extensive collision damage to simply changing the colour to a hue you like better. A new coat of paint can completely change the look of your vehicle.

However, when you invest in new car paint, you may also want to invest in a paint protection coating to ensure that this coat of paint looks as good as possible for as long as possible. Many professional car painters offer this service as well, so you may not need to go to a secondary company to finish off your paint job.

In this blog, we list five reasons why you should have a paint protection film applied to your car after it receives a new colour or paint repairs.

1. Decreases the Need for Paint Touch-Ups Over Time

While automotive paint resists damage better than almost any other type of paint, it can become damaged over time. The small touch-ups necessary to cover dents, dings and scratches can calculate into the lifetime costs of your paint job, especially if you choose a custom colour that needs to be mixed each time.

When you place a protective coating over your new paint, you immediately make the paint and its maintenance more cost effective by decreasing the number of touch-ups you'll need in future.

2. Gives the Paint a Sleeker Appearance

While most of the reasons to invest in paint protection film are purely practical, many vehicle owners also like how this finish looks on their cars. Paint protection films often have more shine than straight automotive paint, which can make your vehicle look freshly waxed.

This sleek look can emphasize the beautiful design and clean lines of your vehicle, even when you haven't had time to wash it in a while.

3. Helps Paint Better Withstand Normal Driving Conditions

As you drive, your vehicle paint is exposed to a number of potentially damaging circumstances and substances. These driving conditions could lead to immediate paint damage or could contribute to wear over time. A paint protection coating, reduces the impact of routine driving.

For example, a protective film safeguards your paint against insects, road chemicals and small debris like gravel.

4. Increases Vehicle Value

If one of the reasons you want to repaint your car is to increase its value before a future sale, it's in your best interest to get a paint protection film as well. Not only will the protective coating ensure that your new paint looks its best for a buyer, but the finish also increases your vehicle's resale value on its own.

Many buyers like the idea of low-maintenance paint that stays beautiful in the long term, which may also make your car more appealing to prospective new owners.

5. Reduces the Risk of Fading

While many types of paint damage come from impact, like scratches or dents, or from direct exposure, like corrosion caused by acidic chemicals, paint damage can also come from exposure to light. UV rays specifically can cause discolouration and fading over time.

If you often park your vehicle outdoors, especially if you park without a car cover of any kind, consider a paint protection coating to ensure that the time your car spends in the sun doesn't affect your stunning new paint job.

When you bring your car to a body shop for painting, ask about your paint protection coating options as well to reap the benefits listed above.

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