Why Minor Paint Damage Is Cause for a Respray

When you think of vehicle paintwork that urgently needs to be repaired, there's a good chance you picture something quite severe, perhaps accompanied by extensive body damage. This sort of problem is what will have most people rushing to get their car restored, while minor paint damage like scratches or peeling is often ignored.

For those who don't mind the way it looks, a little bit of paint damage doesn't seem like much of a problem. Despite your instincts, however, having some scratches, a little patch of peeling paint or a scuff is reason enough to have your car repainted. Here's why.

The Problem Will Get Worse

The damage might not look like much now, but leave those scratches for long enough and you're likely to see it become worse. A scratch leaves a weak spot in the paint, increasing the chance that more scratches will form around it. If anything catches or scrapes against the edges of the first scratch, it can cause the paint to start peeling.

If you have peeling to begin with, the problem will increase even faster than with scratches. Flakes of paint will actively fall away from the vehicle, and you'll soon be left with a large patch of quite seriously damaged paintwork.

There's a Risk of Weather Damage

When a car is painted, the process is far from simple. Usually, the paintwork consists of three separate layers, each serving a purpose that's far beyond just giving your vehicle a bit of colour.

The top layer is called clearcoat, and it protects the base coat from various types of damage. Even light scratches can damage the clearcoat enough that the coloured base coat is susceptible to weathering, with the ultraviolet rays of the sun potentially causing fading or peeling.

With deeper scratches and paint that's peeling away, rain and damp could reach the primer paint layer or even the bare body of the car. When this happens, rust and corrosion are almost a certainty, which will lead to more extensive damage in a fairly short time.

DIY Repairs Won't Solve the Issue

There are plenty of kits available for repairing scratches at home, plus tutorials all over the internet. If you have a bit of skill, you might be able to make it look as good as new, but this will only be temporary and is not much use as a long-term fix.

The problem is that DIY solutions are only really good for making the paint look like it isn't damaged. They don't provide the complex layering of professional paint jobs, and they leave your car prone to becoming damaged again in the same spot.

The only way to properly repair damaged paintwork is to get a full professional respray, or you're just setting yourself up for more expense in the long run.

Your Car's Future Will Be Limited

You might not be planning on selling your car anytime soon, but you're probably not going to hang onto it forever. When the time does come when you want to let it go, the value is decreased by quite a bit by even slightly damaged paint.

Car paint doesn't last forever, and eventually, you're likely to need a full repaint. Taking the opportunity to have it done when some damage appears gives your vehicle a longer lifespan, and you're more likely to get more years of enjoyment from it. By getting a fresh paint job, you also reset the timer on the paint's life, so you have one less thing to worry about as your vehicle starts to age.

So don't leave that paint damage to get worse and be the cause of further problems. Contact Bellarine Smash Repairs to arrange a full respray and you'll leave with a car to be proud of and enjoy for many years.