How to Maintain Your Custom Paint Work for Longer

Custom paint jobs are a costly investment that require a level of maintenance that traditional paint jobs may not need. Unfortunately, some car owners who order custom paint jobs aren't informed of the maintenance that should be considered. If you are considering a custom paint work for your new car, here are four ways that you can help maintain that custom job for longer.

1. Use Paint Conditioner

One of the first steps you can take to maintain your new car paint work is to use a paint conditioner. Paint conditioners help to prevent the oxidation of the paint. This prevention means you will be able to maintain the appeal of the custom job paint job for longer without fading and related issues. Keep in mind this step is primarily for acrylic paints, but an increasing number of paint conditioners are on the market for other paint bases and blends.

Have a professional spray the paint conditioner on your car. The application can be done as one layer or in many layers depending on environmental factors, such as higher levels of dust or heat. You can get the paint conditioner reapplied as needed. 

2. Cover Your Car

One of the leading ways your paint job can become damaged is by allowing it to sit in direct sunlight. Even during the winter, the direct sunlight can fade the colour of your paint. It can also damage any paint job seals that you have in place. These weakened seals can then result in peeling paint, which causes rust.

If you live in an area where your car will be exposed to excessive heat or direct sun, then you should consider purchasing a car cover. You can buy these custom made for your car or truck, or you can purchase generic covers that are designed for various makes and models of vehicles. These covers may take a few minutes to put on and take off, but they are cheaper than having your custom paint job replaced.

3. Avoid Heat Washing

Try to avoid washing your car during excessively hot temperatures or intense direct heat. This practice can cause the water to dry too quickly, leaving chemicals and minerals behind on the paint. It can also heat up the water, causing metal and paint to contract rapidly and leading to paint damage.

Instead of washing the car in extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, consider washing your car in the evening or early morning when the heat index is not as high. If this is not possible, consider using a car wash that hand dries the car so that minerals aren’t left on your paint.

4. Use Car Wax

With your other cars, you may not have considered using wax. The truth is using a high-quality car wax will allow your car paint job to look its best. It will also give you an added benefit of protection. The car wax provides a barrier between your car and elements such as the sun, wind, rain, sand and salt.

You can find car wax in several options. Try to find one that can be built up according to the time of year and your location. Then you can put the right number of layers on the car to help protect it in your location. Most car waxes will offer this information on the side of the container, or you can have your paint job technician give you recommendations.

Keep in mind that some custom paint work may require more maintenance than others. If you are unsure what further steps you need to take for specific paint jobs, ask one of our technicians. Bellarine Smash Repairs offers several services to help create and maintain the look you want.