5 Risks of DIY Paint Jobs

If your car has a small amount of damage to its paintwork, you might wonder if you could patch up the problem yourself and avoid the time and costs involved in taking the vehicle to a professional. However, DIY paint jobs come with a number of risks to you and your vehicle. Here are five reasons to have a professional repair damaged paintwork instead of trying to do it yourself.

1. Painting a Car Requires a Lot of Equipment

To successfully repair the paintwork on your car, you will need to invest in a lot of specialised equipment. Purchasing all this equipment to repair a single scratch can work out to be more expensive than taking the car to a professional for repair.

First, you need a sander to remove the old paint from the area you want to work on, as fresh paint sticks better to a clean surface than to old paint. You will also need primer to prepare the surface for painting, masking to protect the areas you do not plan to paint, suitable car paint in the right shade, a clear top coat and a spray can to apply the paint.

2. A Poor Paint Job Can Put Your Car at Risk

Your DIY paint job might look good, but are you sure that the paint is properly protecting the body of your car? If you do not properly prime and seal the repair site, moisture may seep through and cause rust.

When you take your car to a professional, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the paint is fulfilling its protective role. All professional car sprayers use primer and top coat to create a weather-proof seal that can help keep your car safe.

3. Getting the Right Colour Match Is Difficult

One of the most difficult parts of repairing a scratch or scrape is getting the colour match right. Even if you know the exact shade of paint that was originally used on your vehicle, weathering could mean that the new paint does not perfectly match.

Professional car sprayers use technology to find the ideal colour match for your car. They can take into account the effects of sunlight on your car’s paint, as well as identify subtle differences between paints used by different auto manufacturers.

4. A Bad DIY Paint Job Can Cost a Lot to Repair

You might think that it’s worth having a go at repainting your car and then taking it to a professional if things go wrong. However, attempting a repair before you take your car in could push up the price of a professional paint job.

A spray painter will need to remove the paint you have applied before they can begin repairing the original damage. To avoid incurring extra costs, take your car to a professional in the first place.

5. DIY Painting Can Damage Your Health

Car spray paints contain chemicals that can damage your health if you breathe them in. Professional spray painters use protective equipment to protect themselves from fumes, but amateurs cannot always protect themselves as well.

Once you have repaired your car’s paintwork, you will need to store any leftover paints in a place where animals and kids cannot access them, or else you risk a nasty accident. The best way to keep yourself and your family safe is to take your car to a professional.

The professional car spray painters at Bellarine Smash Repairs are ready to fix any vehicle paintwork problems. Rather than taking the risk of a DIY paint job going badly wrong, contact Bellarine Smash Repairs today for professional help.