3 Things You Should Know Before Repainting Your Car

Do you want to repaint your car to give it that appealing look it had when new? Do you intend to sell your car and want to attract buyers fast? Whether you want to fix some minor scratches, change the style or restore the showroom look, a new paint job can do wonders for your vehicle's appearance. That's why you need to make sure that you do it right the first time.

A poorly done paint job can degrade the appearance of your car and cost you even more in the end. For these reasons, you should be aware of the following issues before repainting your vehicle.

1. Leave the Task to the Experts

Painting a car can be costly, especially if you want to give it a new appearance. You might think you save more if you just watch a few instructional videos online and attempt the painting yourself, but you have risks and challenges that come with this kind of project:

  • Car paints may contain volatile organic compounds or other harmful chemicals, which can leave you with severe respiratory problems if you inhale the chemicals.
  • Much preparation goes into achieving the perfect auto body paint that's evenly done, and most DIY enthusiasts may not have the equipment or time to achieve this.
  • You can't gain the skills and experience overnight that you need to get that beautiful finish from merely watching instructional videos. This increases your chances of making mistakes.
  • You may not have the proper means of disposing of paint cans, spray bottles and other equipment, which can be harmful to the environment.

Due to the above issues, leave this job to the professionals. They possess the proper equipment, skills and experience to give your car an appealing and lasting look.

2. Research and Compare

The market today is flooded with auto shops that offer various repair and restoration services. However, not all offer the same quality of services. Their costs vary as well. Before you settle for one shop, take the time to research a few more in your area and find out about their quality of painting services, costs and customer service. This may seem time-consuming, but your research will pay off in the end.

Researching and comparing services increases your chances of finding experienced professionals who will deliver a perfect job at an affordable price.

A good place to start would be to contact various companies and ask for painting quotes. Beware of companies that offer you suspiciously low prices, as they may not have the best quality of service. Once you narrow down to a few shops, visit them and look at some of their ongoing paint jobs. This will help you find the best shop for the task.

3. Make Reasonable Bargains

As you strive to save a few dollars during the project, you may be tempted to cut out some of the tasks listed on the quote. However, note that most of these tasks adequately prepare the surface to achieve a smooth coat of paint.

For example, some of the common preparations include scratch removal and paint stripping, priming, rubbing, sanding and buffing the surface. Most experts will tell you that more than a dozen are necessary when repainting a car.

Don't try to cut down costs by asking the auto body paint specialists to eliminate some of these steps as they all contribute to the final outcome. Instead, you can request for a reasonable discount that won't involve compromising the quality of the paint job.

Repainting your car is not something that you do every year. Therefore, make sure that you get a perfect job from a qualified company. Contact Bellarine Smash Repairs to schedule a repainting project that will transform your vehicle.