Are UV Rays Damaging Your Car’s Paint?

No matter how well you clean and look after your car, it may develop paint problems that are beyond your control. For example, prolonged and regular exposure to the sun — and its UV rays — may affect paint, making your car look less attractive than it should for its age.

How can you tell if your paint has UV damage and what can you do about it?

Signs of UV Ray Damage

The most obvious sign that your car has UV ray damage is that its colour has faded. Your paint may look duller and less vibrant than it did originally if it has been driven or parked in the sun a lot. As well as bleaching out colour, these rays affect the structure of the paint on your car.

For example, these rays can make paint pigment oxidise. You can typically identify this problem by running your hands over your paint. If it feels rough to the touch rather than smooth, then it may have some UV ray damage. In extreme cases, you don't need to touch your paint to spot issues because you may see areas of oxidisation damage and even peeling paint start to appear on parts of your car.

How to Fix UV Ray Damage

You can't undo UV paint damage, but you can prevent further exposure and fix any current problems. If the damage isn't a major cause of concern, then keeping your car out of the sun in the future at least prevents things from getting worse. For example, you could start to keep your car in your garage, to park in the shade or to use a car cover when the weather is particularly sunny.

If you can't keep your car out of the sun enough, then you may need to have the problem looked at and fixed — things will only get worse if you carry on exposing your paint to UV rays. Plus, you may simply feel unhappy driving a car that looks faded and unattractive or that has visible paint damage.

The best way to fix UV ray problems is to have the damage professionally assessed and treated. If your paint is badly faded, and you want your car to look as good as new again, then a paint respray will also make your car look like it's just come out of the factory.

How to Prevent Damage After a Paint Job

If you have part or all of your car's paint resprayed, then take steps to prevent future UV ray damage. As well as keeping your car out of the sun as much as you can, you can also have UV ray protection coatings added to your car at the end of the paint job. These coatings give your paint an extra layer of protection against the sun. Thanks to this UV protection coat, you shouldn't see the same problems happening again.

As an added bonus, protective coatings can also make your paint more resistant to other substances that damage paint, such as tree sap or bird droppings. This is handy if you regularly park your car outside under trees. Both tree sap and bird droppings damage car paint if they aren't removed quickly enough; a protective coating helps keep their harmful effects at bay until you can clean them off.

Bellarine Smash Repairs have years of experience of assessing and fixing UV ray damage on car paint. We also offer a protective coating service. To find out how our repair and spray painting expertise can restore your car to its former glory and keep it looking great through many more hot summers, contact us today.