Can Silly String and Shaving Foam Damage Your Car’s Paint?

If your mates like playing pranks, then you'll find them amusing a lot of the time. They like to have some harmless fun. However, some pranks aren't that funny in the end.

For example, if some of your mates decided it would be fun to spray your car with silly string and shaving foam one night, then you'll wake up to a mess. You might laugh, hose the car down and then forget about it.

However, if you notice that you missed some string and foam and it's still on your car a few days later, you'll probably stop laughing along. You take this stuff off and find that it has left marks on your paint that won't clean off.

Is this damage down to the silly string and shaving foam? What can you do about it?

How Silly String and Shaving Foam Affect Car Paint

If someone pranks your car with silly string and shaving foam, then things should be fine if you hose the car down or wash it before the string or foam has a chance to dry and set.

If it does dry, then wetting the string or foam will get it off your car. Again, if you do this quickly, then you shouldn't have any lasting damage to your paint.

Things get tricky, however, if the silly string or shaving foam sets hard and you leave it for a few days before you try to get it off.

For example, a dried-on piece of string or spot of foam that has hardened onto your paint can peel the paint off if you try to take it off dry. Even if you wet the string or foam first to avoid peeling any paint off the car, you may leave a stain behind.

Both silly string and shaving foam contain chemicals and other substances that can eat into car paint if they are in contact with the paint for long enough. For example, silly string contains resins that can react with paint. It also contains colourings. If a coloured silly string sits on your car for long enough, then its colouring may leach out of the string and onto your paint. This may damage the paint or change its colour.

While shaving foam doesn't cause problems related to artificial colourings, its ingredients can be more damaging than silly string. Once the foam hardens, it reacts with your paintwork and can actually erode paint off your car.

If silly string or shaving foam hardens on your car, then you may be able to clean it off, but you'll be left with marks on the paint where the stuff was sitting. This may affect your top clear or protective coating. In some cases, the silly string or shaving foam actually gets down into the paint job itself. At this stage, there's not a lot you can do to fix the damage yourself.

How to Get Rid of Silly String and Shaving Foam Damage

Cleaning and polishing won't get rid of marks left on car paint by silly string or shaving foam. Once these marks take hold, they set into your paint.

Fixing the damage depends on how far the string or foam has gotten into your paintwork. If damage is minimal, then you may just need to have a new clear or protective coat applied to the damaged parts of your car.

However, if the damage has gone deeper, you may need to have parts of your car repaired and resprayed.

Bellarine Smash Repairs has experience with fixing all kinds of car paint damage. No matter what’s been done to your car, we can get it looking good again. Contact us and we'll take a look at the paint damage and tell you the best way to fix it.