Bring Your Car for Auto Painting in Geelong

Did an accident leave your car’s paint looking less than ideal? Or do you simply want to give your car a new look? Whatever your reason, come in to Bellarine Smash Repairs for experienced car spray painting in Geelong.

The work of our skilled car painter improves your car's appearance and protects it from damage. Our work replacing worn paint and rust spots can even extend your car’s lifespan. At Bellarine Smash Repairs, we can take a car that’s suffering from rust spots and peeling paint and turn it into the type of car that you can’t wait to show off to your friends.

Count on Our Thorough Painting Process

Painting is a more complex process than you might think. We use the following steps for auto painting in Geelong:

  1. Replace any car parts that are rusted beyond repair and apply a rust inhibitor
  2. Straighten the panels and apply filler if needed
  3. Sand the car to smooth the panels and remove any imperfections
  4. Apply primer to provide a shield between the car and the paint
  5. Clean the car of any debris and cover the glass and trim
  6. Apply the paint

When it comes to car paint jobs, you can’t afford to do it yourself or to cut corners with inexperienced painters. Car painting is a complex and time-consuming process that requires the utmost attention to detail. Our car spray painter, Peter Ruggles, has many years of experience and can give your car a painting job that lasts for years.

Call Us Today for Superior Painting

At Bellarine Smash Repairs, our customers are our top priority. We give you the highest quality workmanship so you can drive out of our repair shop with pride in your attractive new vehicle.

Call us today for an appointment for first-rate auto painting in Geelong.